Cambridge Regional Collage

Client: Cambridge Regional Collage
Involvement: RIBA Stage 1-7
Type: Internal mezzanine and refurbishment
Value: £560K
Contract Type: JCT Intermediate
Contractor: Coulson Building Group

Following the success of the first floor installation at Ely Community College Templeman Design were appointed to review an existing motor workshop, at Cambridge Regional College, which was to be converted into a student Café together with Computer suites and resource library for the current construction courses. The scheme involved the installation of a new first floor to provide sufficient space for the rooms required. The existing space offered particular challenges associated with the unusual height and expanse of glazing creating solar gain issues. The budget constraint prevented the installation of external solar shading systems. Therefore the internal layout would be critical to prevent the computer suites and resource room becoming over heated. The positioning of internal partitions also become critical to allow each space to be provided with natural light via existing fixed roof lights.  Ventilation was also an issue as all of the rooms including the ground floor café is not provided with any openable windows. The complexity of the existing frameless glazing system also prevented new openable windows being installed. Due to these issues, comfort of the students was critical. This was overcome by the design and installation of a ventilation system that would supply air at a set temperature and extract air to provide the required air change. To reduce energy consumption the Air Handing System was provided.Once the detail design and final permissions were granted, Templeman Design provided a construction package and onsite support. During this period additional spaces were required and Templeman Design responded to allow the additions to be designed and integrated within the construction programme without the need for an extension of time.